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The OCCII (Onafhankelijk Cultureel Centrum In It) is a venue for alternative and independent music. The organization and program is mostly run by volunteers and has its roots in the squatting movement. In November 2012 it celebrated its 20 Years of existence. The building was squatted in 1984 and "legalized" in the early 90's.

The Occii is part of 'Vereniging De Binnenpret'. Next to the concert hall and Kinderpret (theater/workshops for kids), there's also: MKZ (Peoples Kitchen), Bollox/the Anarchist library, rehearsal spaces, work studios and a big courtyard. "Kicking globalization in the nuts, the OCCII manages to bring together all the dissident voices of music from the four corners of the globe.

The underground has never had a better venue."


Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam