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SOTU Festival 2024

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Thursday, Film Night at Filmhuis Cavia

This year we give special attention to the legendairy underground Fluxus-artist, performer, experimental filmmaker and musician Ludo Mich, from Antwerp.

🎥Thursday, April 21st from 20:00 🎥 we show his film Lysistrata (1976) in Filmhuis Cavia, together with work from Toet aka George Smits (inventer/artist and musician, Antwerp),Videomadness by Arno Pelzer, Tape-Installation by Quinten Dierick and 'the Feminazi's are coming' by Rei Ñilde Jonkhout.

Lysistrata is a comedy by Aristophanes that was staged for the first time in Athens in 411 BC. The main character, Lysistrata, is a strong-headed woman who persuades women from various warring states in ancient Greece to deny their men all sexual pleasures in an effort to force them to end the interminable Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC).

On Friday 22 Ludo Mich performs in the OCCII (24:00), and on Saturday in the Vondelbunker with the FCKN BSTRDS. On Saturdaynight Occii & Sunday in Butcher's Tears also movie by Ludo Mich.


Filmhuis Cavia

Van Hallstraat 52-1HG, 1051 HH Amsterdam, Nederland

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