Zara Paz

VENUE: De Sering

on Wednesday 10 April 2024

at: 02:00-03:00

"Alcohol is not a solution if you do not mix it with hard party drugs!
My favorite football club is fetish heaven 999 elmstreet, we can go together there and suck some innocent feet of a dark tree, the dices will decide who is the first ridiculous sexslave and who is second. This is tradition there as also getting nervous if the cops come. They have worse horses than us and they want to steal ours claiming these would be stolen from the government. It is a cheap dirty trick they know for over 50 years now and it never fails - this is why I prefer to go by bike. Some people say it could be a bad idea because the cops would also steal bikes and sell em to the junkies to get information about hidden male prostitutes near the 57th Avenue, but I think this is a lie. The officer with the brown dirty moustache never asked me about the 57th avenue he always just wanted to know where to get an earlie donut and a coffee for breakfast. I always sent him to the wrong house so my little friends could escape from the basement of the neighboors house where they had brought the stolen bikes they had bought from the junkies to sell em to the male prostitutes from the 59th avenue, some cute boys with a strange drinking behavior. I know this story sounds a bit dangerous and its true, as a shittaker you are always surrounded by crazy people and have to fight or play cards. I do both."

Zara Paz

Female aggression against all repressive systems, capitalism, genitalism, psychiatry, patriarchats and the shit we experience all day and everywhere.

Fighting against beeing categorized as/called "trans", "transgender" or "transsexual", fighting against dickheads everywhere in society, against the state, the cops, the filth, the dogs and all the bullshit you get implemented by education.

Her collective is "Antigenitalistic Rrrriot", a plattform, a conspiracy network & label for nonqueer nonpolite non academic non "lgbtiqjhhdjhdjhd" women born with dicks that fight against genitalism and all these "genderchange" bullshit fairytale brainwash propaganda, "their system" that wants to destroy us like it did the last 6000 years.

No fucking compromise with the hypocritical majority based societies (all of them) that are here to exploit, sexualise & destroy us girls born in the right body that is only "wrong" and "trans" for them, the assholes, the majority, the male-stream, the homophobic hypocrate cocksucker majority, we want to bomb em away and start another society, away, militant, without any "man = penis / woman = vagina" propaganda brainwash and genitalistic sex entry at birth or at any other part of our lives. Non cool with genderstudies and all these other careerbitches writing about us but not fighting with us because the system and the university hierarchy establishment based on old mens sperm obedience is what they adore the most.

We stand up against all these filthy, repressive energies, which try to harm us, exploit us, instrumentalise as, sexualise as, scapegoat us and foreign determine us and our bodies and actions, we will not be nice or compromising anymore and our battle is a battle against all states, against all sexentries, against all psychiatric diagnosises, against all media & gutless journalists etc. spreading prejudices, hate and stereotypical filthy lies, against all cops fighting for these lies and hatecrime based oppression systems, all fucking psychiatrists, psychoanalytists and lobby doctors making money by pathologizing foreign determinations, violent stigmatising applications and profit oriented powerpolitdecisions and fake bodyfashist rightwing "science"for the pharma- & the psycholobby and all benefitting from bodyhierarchies, against the animal genocide that is going on daily and all the black magic and human failure or stupidity that has converted this planet into a grey, stinky, loud and toxic nightmare for most of us.

This is no fucking lalala-singer & songwriter brainwash bullshit, this is industrial speedcore from hell and many other styles that will melt the walls and open the gates to all the places and (sub-)conscious states they are afraid of.

Zara Paz has become hard. She asked for a gym subscription. She got a cold in Vietnam. She started a huge fight at the cash desk near Karstadt and then she stormed out of the department store in a rage. The world must burn again. Lichterloh. For some, such words are more than that, sentences, right sentences. There is trust, but there is also displeasure, especially if you lock yourself in the loo for a longer time and sniff one nose after the other while others want to wash their hands.

Now some ask themselves, why does this have to happen again, why are substances discussed here which are bad for health, which cause tooth decay, tartar and paradontosis and prevent Elmex toothpaste from laying itself on the teeth like a protective plaque. Others answer such questions with pure violence and Fakenews. You should declare war on both sides and build a wall around it. A wall of drugs, hate and sex video tapes.

The music she is scratching and fucking up in different ways is intended as a freely accessible propaganda material, intended to make children gay and turn adults into children, who then become homosexual because, when they were adults, they listened to this record.
"I do not believe that there are only two sexes. Some women, who would like to have as big penises as I do, feel overwhelmed in the competition with me, they define themselves then as a man, although they have a penis. I tolerate that.

Nevertheless, I do not want them to do heterosexual acts in our presence, as this disregards our religious feelings and looks like crap. We would like to ensure that all pen-bearers who "feel" a man as a man have to wear a burqa, at least outside the kitchen, and all beautiful women who are taller than 1.80 m need to be sexually available to us, that sounds flat ? Right, that's it. If you realize that, you are probably among the elite of humanity, so today build yourself a raft and a free energy pyramid pointing north (in the interstellar period continuum) and follow our instructions."

Zara Paz is the best artist in the world.
Her music is totally cool and has lots of dicks inside.
Even better_: The mixsets! Full of very intelligent jokes, interesting transitions and tracks that should have landed in the American Billboard Charts. There is nothing else on that topniveau!

Musically you´re always on the right side if you play Zara Paz somewhere - doesn´t matter if on a cosmopolitain dinner party, an international economy conference or a tense match of you favorite Hockey Team - you will always win with Zara Paz!

About Zara Paz: She studied in Harvard before beeing born on the wrong planet, then won the famous Iron Lady Worldcup by cutting three big trees with her dick by just getting horny, afterwards she got into black magic by telling ppl. that love is the message - now she´s 696 years old for a long time and still active in the NASA, the United Corruption Agency, The Miss Universe Best Off Commitee, The Illuminati, The KNAX-Club, My dirty little, the Darknet, the Ghostbusters Association, the Colombian Mafia and many more cheesy secret societies. So if you want to be on the right side of power, taste and trendiness you should download & listen her sets RIGHT NOW!!!

Is this political? No this is art. Art is political. But fuck politics. Just beat up some cops, destroy your government and resist to marry, consume and reproduce, in the name of art!

Zara Paz makes antigenitalism arty again.


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