VENUE: Roze Tanker

on Thursday 11 April 2024

at: 21:15-22:00

As a duo, Synergy initiates musical compositions from simple repetition-based structures that gradually build up, incorporating different layers to create intricate sound sculptures. The interactivity between saxophone sounds and the electronic world achieves a delicate balance, transitioning from familiar, traditional melodies to the innovative sculpting of sound.
Using modern electronic music instruments, synthesizing digital sounds with the help of transistors and digital computer software. Combining with traditional aspect of music lies in the saxophone, which hasn't changed much since its creation in the mid-19th century but has adapted its sound through its existence in different continents, ethnic, and cultural groups.

Ruben Kieftenbelt - Modular Synth/Fx/Electronic
Andrius Derevi - Saxophone/Fx/Electronics

Video for Synergy

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