Megan Brailey

VENUE: Roze Tanker

on Thursday 11 April 2024

at: 20:00-20:30


"Shedding" is a series of performances which blend Buto-dance with different latex prosthetics, exploring queer concepts of exploring, inhabiting, and performing other bodies, with a posthuman aesthetic and speculative conceptual approach. These performances usually thematise various bodily capacities of other creatures, such as the shedding of the skin, the production or secretion of liquids, or disruptive physical compulsions such as autophagia, and use prosthetics to accentuate, transposes, or manipulates these functions for an imagined human assemblage. The prosthetics are also sometimes enhanced by DIY instruments which augment the surface of the skin, and are accompanied by a track of collected sounds of objects interfacing with the skin: body percussions, extended vocal techniques whilst moving or touching the body to interrupt its vibrations, all of which are then extensively distorted

Artist bio; Megan Brailey
Megan Brailey is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary performance artist, movement practitioner, researcher, and writer. Brailey's work spans butoh theatre-dance; contemporary dance; immersive theatre and acting; durational performance; installation art; and spoken word poetry. For their solo butoh and durational performance pieces, they are often making wearable sculptures or prosthetics which extend into installations in space.


Photo by Jess.muslr


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