VENUE: Roze Tanker

on Thursday 11 April 2024

at: 20:45-21:15

Unfortunately, duo member El Lukijanov had an accident. Due to their new mobility requirements, *innen will cancel all concerts for the coming months and develop a new, more inclusive mobility concept for future events.

Carla will perform with Simona impro guitar voice bass




Carla Genchi and El Lukijanov

About us:

We concentrate on noise and posthumanism. We are enduring music in times of
catastrophes and cynicism. We try to scream through the hatred that hits nations, marginalized groups like queer people, intersectional feminists on a daily basis.
We care about music, an everlasting tsunami flooding the flabbergasted audience.

About the name:

As in many countries and even so in genus based languages, there is also in Germany a
heaten up male threat attitude about refusing the consideration of all genders within the
language. Queer feminists look up to Swedish solutions and hope for change. But at the same time there is this tendency to avoid all the hatred by acting more hesitant when it comes to gender inclusive language. There is this option, *innen, trying at least with substantives in plural form to include all genders. But right-winged governed states already prohibit their usage in official publications. We are *innen. We are enamored by our deviance.

Video for Innen