Antonio Valente

VENUE: Green Tribe

on Sunday 14 April 2024

at: 16:30-17:00

Antonio Valente was born on 1993. His first experience of music and percussion was at the age of four. At 11, he enrolled at the "N. Rota" Conservatory in Monopoli under maestro Filippo Lattanzi, who would then follow his transfer to the "N. Piccinni" Conservatory in Bari where he completed the traditional academic diploma on 5th March 2013 with a grade of 10 cum laude. Over the years, he has attended various masterclasses with internationally-famed musicians such as: Horacio Hernandez, Marco Pacassoni, Michael Rosen, Michael Burritt, Eric Sammut, Mark Braafhart, Ed Saidon, Jojo Mayer, Chris Lamb and Nick Woud. He has participated in various competitions: Concorso Nazionale di Musica A.M.A. Calabria in 2007 with a grade of 90/100; 12° Concorso Nazionale di Musica "I. Strawinsky" in 2010, 1st Premio Assoluto with a grade of 100/100; and IV Concorso Internazionale "EurOrchestra Nuovi Interpreti 2012", 1° Premio Assoluto, with a grade of 98/100. Ever fascinated by the world of composition and contemporary art today he has under his belt 15 original works for percussion and piano duly registered with the Italian Authors' and Publishers' Society and visible on Safe Creative. At twenty years of age, just after completing his Academic Diploma, he started moving into the world of teaching, first at the "N.Rota" Musical Association in Castellana Grotte and then moving to Milan to teach percussion and dedicate himself to music therapy activities for some secondary schools and high school. His training and eclectic personality mean he can adapt himself to various contexts, from classical music as a percussionist in theatres or as a solo marimba and vibraphone player, to jazz and improvised music in collaboration with various regional and national artists and groups.

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