Ilia Gorovitz

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 15 April 2023

at: 20:30-21:00

Ilia Gorovitz (1990, Tashkent) is a sound & visual artist, a drummer, composer and a producer.


Ilia studied at Musrara school of art, after which he became a vital part of the underground experimental music scene in Jerusalem, Israel. Performing and collaborating often in various venues and with different musicians. 


After spending some time in the United states and around Europe, where he played various venues, Ilia Decided to relocate to Berlin, Germany to pursue his musical career. Since living in Berlin, Ilia has been busy with recording music and perfecting his live set which consists usually of acoustic drums, found objects like bicycle wheels and metal parts and electronics. With his live setup, Ilia uses his drums not only as an acoustic instrument, but also as a controller to manipulate the electronic and processed sounds. with this method, Ilia tries to fuse the acoustic and electronic worlds and create a symbiotic relationship where the electronic sounds are affected by his playing and vice versa.

experimental drums electronics industrial noise Berlin

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