Grim Machine

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Friday 12 April 2019

at: -


Grim Machine (Alex M.) is a vital member of the Greek underground noise/experimental scene. Since 2013 he makes primitive improvisational rituals combining harsh noise wall feedback and acoustic instruments. He also runs Concrete Noise diy label and he is part of a team which organizes events/concerts in Athens Greece. From1998 and on he has been in many diy hc/punk bands with varied discography. As Grim Machine he has 6 releases in E.C.T/ E.D.A and RU.MO.RE cassete/cdr labels and a split tape that includes his soundtrack to the film Begotten by E.Elias.Merhige. He also participates in NOISE FROM THE RUINS OF EUROPE compilations #1 & 2 that present experimental music from the Balkan and Eastern Europe area. As a live act he has played RTP festival, Noise Annoys fest, Kino-Bruitism, Multidom/Multeece, and lots of live concerts all around Greece.

His tracks have been included in Zoviet France's Duck in A Tree radio broacast, New Zealand's Crank Playthings monthly podcast, Resonance FM 104,4 playlist and his releases have been reviewed by Byron Coley in the WIRE magazine and many music zines (Winterview, Emvoes etc.)

GM 's main source of inspiration is ancient art, myths and rituals. His work, including live performance, explores the way primal form and structural narrative can be organised into a language addressing issues of evolvement and deliverance. By blending sequences of sounds in an unbroken continuity of loop layers and real time processed physical sources, GM explores the use of noise as medium of communication, and improvisation as a way of storytelling.

He is currently working on a project that combines field recordings from Greece's ancient altars and word in Linear B, mixing archaic and invented instruments with digital manipulation to create a dialogue environment between artificial and natural, ancient and new.






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