VENUE: Sint Augustinus kerk

on Thursday 11 April 2019

at: 14:00-18:00

SOTU will occupy the Sint Augustinus church.

This church, built in 1889, was squatted last february, after being left to rot and die by the owners 5 years ago. Since the judge couldn't bear to kick them out, there will be at least another two weeks for them - and then: to infinity, we hope

SO SOTU can occupy the church on Thursday, from 14:00 it will be FREE PLAY FOR ALL. Bring your voice, bring your sticks and wires and whistles, bring a hangover and a good appetite for INFINITE REVERB for the silent guns of love will BLAST THE SKIES

There will be A PROGRAM from 4pm, the line-up will be there just in time. DAGORA has expressed interest, as well as ZS ZS (the organ is working!!) and VESTAS, and more TO COME. You interested to perform? Let us know!

HOW TO GET THERE: it's an interesting bike-ride, but not very convenient by public transport, so we've arranged a permanent busconnection from the IJplein (take the free ferry behind Central Station) to the church. From 13:30 there will be a green VW T4 with a SOTU sign waiting to take you to the church. Later the bus can take you to Zaal 100 where the 2nd night of SOTU festival will take place. From 18 there's also some really nice food in Zaal100. These are free rides for all, but please help the driver survive!

WHAT TO BRING: church people will supply us with coffee and tea. SOTU will bring some beers. Anything else: BRING YOUR OWN. There's a kitchen we can use (no meat please!) so come cook up some breakfast to fuck the pain away

Video for EVERY BODY