on Sunday 24 April 2016

at: 20:15-20:45

Paris, FR
WOOAAARGH / Dingleberry Records

VALVE is a sludge/doom/hardcore band from Paris, France, that has been playing for about three years now. The music of the quintet has evolved towards a blend of dark, heavy and oppressing sludge and chaotic, aggressive hardcore, following the enormous footsteps of some of the biggest European bands playing that kind of music - Amenra and Celeste, just to name a couple . The band has been rushing European stages for the last two years delivering a wild and intense show and has no intention to stop. After releasing their self-titled demo, back in 2012, they now finally deliver their debut full-length album that goes by the name of Apnée. CVLT Nation described it as an album containing "five jams of sludge laced with some raw and uncut hardcore. VALVE are not afraid to fuck with song structures, which only helps to keep their songs interesting. It's now time for you to press play below so that you can hear this kick-ass band for yourself!"


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