Shahr-e No


on Sunday 24 April 2016

at: 17:15-17:45

Amsterdam, NL

Shahr-e No is Persian for ‘New Town'. It was the name of a red-light district in Teheran, bulldozered after the 1980 revolution and featured in Kaveh Golestan's photo series ‘The Citadel'. You might find this combination of eastern sensibility, realism and dark subject matter an interesting thing to hear and see.

The age old fact that technology and policies change but human nature won't hands us enough musical and verbal subject matter to not have to resort to today's endless copies of bands that already copied Black Sabbath. We look towards other influences: the Belgian h8000 scene, the 19th century decadent movement, progressive black metal, Justin Broadrick, Brainbombs, Ramesses and our own Hieronymus Bosch in pursuit of eliciting the darkness that we all already know. We are as much the Prodigy as we are Serge Gainsbourg, combining human-played breakbeats with the sounds that elevated Tim Bagshaw to the height of Gloom and Doom. To be able to play this concoction, we jammed with each other for so many years and did so many strange things to ourselves that we wield near-practical telepathy with abandon.

And we still like Kool Keith, Pusha T and Skip James better than Sleep.


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