on Sunday 24 April 2016

at: 19:15-19:45

Bridgend, UK
Flood Records / Truthseeker Music

Formed from the ashes of Cardiff hardcore mob Goodtime Boys, there's a looser energy to Rope. Recorded live and often just a hair's breadth from improvised, it's driven by instinct. Tracks seem to echo on for an eternity, moulding themselves into captivating new shapes throughout. Calling to mind the cavernous, twisting work of groups like Shellac and Self Defense Family, ‘Manteision Bodolaeth' nevertheless keeps two feet on the floor throughout, vocalist/guitarist Kai Woolen-Lewis' throat-shredding takedowns of modern etiquette and societal bleakness ensuring these otherworldly structures retain their foundations in the here-and-now. -


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