Quinten Dierick

VENUE: Filmhuis Cavia

on Thursday 21 April 2016

at: 20:00-22:00

Installation based on tapes.

BELCHKITCHEN on tumblr is a space in which dutch artist Quinten Dierick present his visual, musical and performative work. Most solo-action but sometimes in a collaborative way

Quinten Dierick,s work has many sides: The dutchpoetry-withdrums-sound-project HEUTSZ, The soundartactivities of E.M.I.R.S.(latin for Ex Me Ipsa Renata Sum, I will be reborn from myself), Collages, drawings,graphic art and performance.You can find it all here.

The work method is often industrial, in a planned way.Processing  by composition ,distortion/modulation, shifting contexts ,repetition and exageration.

Working in graphic sequences, works on paperrolls,graphic techniques the industrial working has connections with the preference to work with tapes and audiocassettes.To materialise history, able to reflect, cut , paste, forge, exaggerate and predict future. Sound on audiotape is materialised history

Typical for the arts of Quinten Dierick is the fysical way of working, a constant dialogue with “ stuff”, tangible matter.


On Friday, 22th of April he will play in the vondelbunker as:

HEUTSZ =A Unique spoken word/poetry project, combining percussion, tape-echodistortion with  the dutch language


Website for Quinten Dierick