on Friday 22 April 2016

at: 21:30-

Franco-Italian cosmic-abstract free jam featuring Virgina Genta, David Vanzan, Ernesto Gonzalez, Mathieu Tilly and Jeremie Sauvage.

Maîtres Fous is an improvisation project bringing the rhythm section of France and of two Italian Jooklo Duo, Virginia Genta and David Vanzan. We know the minimalist approach of France and exhilarating trio and access to free jazz to neo Jooklo Duo but he does not act here, however, a defector from both groups.
Maîtres Fous is a separate entity built on a abounding instrumentarium (percussion, bells, drums, alto sax, flute, lap steel, flat guitar, bass, synthesizers, prepared piano, effects patch ...), which produces a sound environment as These intrepid evanescent ... Maîtres Fous here are not those of Jean Rouch but they lead us somewhere between incantatory experience and the feeling of a dark euphoria.
"Franco-Italian Free Psychodelic Kosmiche Impro"?

Some words of Virginia Genta on the creation and the name of the project:

"On december 2008, after many travels, we found ourselves in Saint Etienne, France, to share music and life with our friends Mathieu Tilly and Jeremie Sauvage ("France"), and on our first day there we had a long session of wild free improvisation with all kinds of gongs, percussions, flutes and so on. Later that night, during the mixing of this recording, totally random someone played in the house the movie "Les Maitres Fous" but on mute, only images, and we realized that looking at it and hearing the new recording we did was a true complete experience, perfectly fitting. From here we got the name of the newborn band and its first release (Troglosound 003). After watching at the movie with our own soundtrack we couldn't find any other name out of that. We suggest you to try this !"



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