Gabriel Castillo

VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Saturday 23 April 2016

at: 21:00-21:30

 “Draw and sound, process sound more and draw a picture, listen to the sound atmosphere and continue drawing. Watch as the water falls, wet and make a sensory video: this is not making art, but just look to the sun's glare manifesting on the water and I no longer need to write.

I work and I express poetically in various media, including drawing, writing, and especially the electronic - new media for graphic, audiovisual and sound work. Playing with children and young people we hack toy guns and turn them into sound instruments, making glitches and modulations in sound and light. I appreciate the nature of the digital error –audible or visual, and innocently induce basic code editors, de-contextualizing electronics, overcoming their logical functionality, and revealing their natural spirit. I am looking for contextual demonstrations, almost synesthetic epiphanies; electronic inventive craftsmanship, create an Electro-Kaleidoscope and spark frenzy colours on the eyes. I build oscillator frequencies: browsing the harmonics, generated by the collision of bouncing frequencies in a space. Discover an environment its mythology and its spiritual ancestor; sensing electromagnetism and make the site a sonorous verse.”

The presentation of Gabriel Castillo at the SOTU Festival is part of the Aloardi Exchange Program 2016. Thanks to the collaboration with Foundation Kulter (Amsterdam).

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