Frau Diamanda


on Saturday 23 April 2016

at: 23:00-23:15

HECTOR ACUÑA (a.k.a. FRAU DIAMANDA) is a Transgender Visual Artist, Drag Performer, Curator, Cultural Agent, Translator, Writer, Dj, Visagist and eventual Actor/Actress from Lima – Peru. He has created the drag character Frau Diamanda in 1999, since then he has presented and generated lots of projects linked to transgenderness as political stance and the development of emerging electronic and multimedia arts in Peru; she has also supported multidisciplinary events and daring experimental proposals in the Peruvian art field – from experimental electronic music festivals, lectures and projections of transgender video art, drag workshops to post porn festivals – always determined to look for a direct confrontation to patriarchal obstacles predominant in the art systems, the mass media, the networks and life itself. This mutant entity as a political subject glimpses by means of an eternal and compulsive evolution the idealisation of freedom that every one of us deserves and thus, we are compelled to provoke social struggles in order to achieve this purpose.

The presentation of HECTOR ACUÑA at the SOTU Festival is part of the Aloardi Exchange Program 2016. Thanks to the collaboration with Foundation Kulter (Amsterdam).

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