Damcase _


on Saturday 23 April 2016

at: 02:30-03:00

Dimitris Damaskos (Damcase) is an active member of the experimental and techno scene of north Greece. At his live performances he uses only hardware and analogue synthesizers.

backwater compilation 1 2006
sunset blvd/ten to go records 2007
moving picture/damcase/fpaolod/ten to go records 2008
backwater compilation 2009
akoma ten to go records 2010
ton/no need to go so far/granny records 2012
silicon carney/mstudio 2012
balidu/balidu 2012
lion's tail/damacase/emdy/ 2012
Urchin, Remix . Granny Records 11, Savvas Metaxas 2013
Andreas Gehm/ I dont care( Damcase remix), Lower Parts Athens 2014
Ext Source /Disco Tocopilla, Athens -London Varius Artists Compilation 2015
Super Unknown/ Tar Hallow 01, May 2015
Mord Box 1, 7x12' , Herdersmat Varius Artists Compilation, Mord Records Rotterdam

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