on Friday 22 April 2016

at: 22:30-

Bromp Treb is Neil Young Cloaca mixing eager ineptitude with confident uncertainty to make busted sound and performance.

Bromp Treb is clumsy body music and obtuse gesture used to dance against rhythm. Cloaca sets the table for a messy dinner of intentionally-unstable systems of cheap synths, effects pedals and fried circuitry, tape manipulation, amateur phonography, collaged beats, and poor drumming technique. His recipes are quickly disposed of with abrupt digressions and improvised chain reactions that amuse and confound.

Cloaca remains a proud member of the absurdist baroque noise quintet Fat Worm of Error, currently enjoying a hibernation after over a decade of activity. Bromp Treb has released many cassettes and 7" records and currently has two LPs coming out on Feeding Tube Records and Weird Ear. Bromp Treb has performed at fancy-pants places like ICA Boston, High Zero Festival, and the San Francisco Center for New Music as well as countless basements, bars, lofts, living rooms, closets and art spaces all around North America.


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