VENUE: Vondelbunker

on Friday 22 April 2016

at: -


Snos, van ampi, voor t bonne... The legendary Experimental YetZet Noise Rock Band from Castricum. AMPI began as a thrash metal band in 1983 after hearing Metallica's "Kill 'Em All'. Soon the three men discovered that they simply the chops and the long hair had not themselves but also to the fourth division from the scene work and decided to change direction. After moving to Eindhoven (the Las Vegas of the Low Countries) switchten them with great aplomb to country-rock a la the Eagles and The Steve Miller Band. That was three weeks and then semi-successful did they just quit. Disappointed they moved to Castricum, where she joined the music showcase. There they learned rock oldies fans know that with false metal guitar notation of Beatles and Stones covers played. With seven men when they decided to focus on the Moon Spiders, who for years under different names the Youth Center / Pop The Podium Bakery (also briefly? Called) unsafe. Slowly menigman left the band, after which the three core members remained.

Always the opportunists, they decided to intervene in the then popular (read 2002) noise-rock/kraut-rock scene with mixed results, but fun. After the guitarist was kicked out / had stepped out (depends on who you ask) names they have a long vacation (with side projects such as: Laps Cock, Black Bricks, Freetonkies, RaaskalBOMfukkerZ, Bitter Lemon Boys, Loonies, etc.). But when they heard of the SOTU festival began to itch again and decided to come back together. all right and do they play on Friday 11 May in the Vondel Bunker as part of the Experimental YetZet!