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SOTU Festival 2024

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FRIDAY, OCT 23, 2015
post-punk, new&cold wave | dark electronic krautrock | AfterPartiiiii
UKRYTE ZALETY SYSTEMU  UZS’s music is a fusion of post-punk, new wave and cold wave aesthetics. The trio’s pieces are based on sounds that are sharp and cool at the same time. Maximum Rock’n’Roll has included their album in the list of the best new releases.  “this LP makes for an invigorating ride I’m sure would be a blast to see live. Like, say, Gang Of Four and The Ex, there’s something at once linear and progressive at work here. ”
PRZEPYCH  Wroclawian duo refrains the typical rock or post-rock structures, although with the use of rock instruments and sound. Guitars and drums as tools of composition owe a lot to syncretic Rock in Opposition scene, funk-hitting no wave, as well as post-punk, that had a dream to make the freedom space with the use of a boundaries. Przepych is a result of reaction for this space. Typical rock line-up instrumentes, enriched by samplers are being operated by the members of bands like: Kurws, Norymberga, Pustostany, Smieszne Pieniadze, Ukryte Zalety Systemu and others. Among those, Przepych is a member of large “Salka CRK” family – environment of musicians rehearsing in and being associated to DIY social-cultural centre called “CRK”, based in Wroclaw (Poland).
TEMPTING VOID  (Grave Entrance) dark electronic krautrock
DJ Larva (AFTER PARTY) Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Plays a mix of tunes from all over the globe.
DISC JOCHIE GRRRT (Redwig) Grimetastische retronoviteiten van overal en nergens. Doors open: 21:00 €7