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SOTU Festival 2024

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More additions to the line-up

Last week we announced the first names which was of course really awesome, but we are not going to stick to this as we have many more great acts. 

The following musical acts we add

Danielle Liebeskind (improv noise rock and poetry)
DJ Texel (broken beats, hiphop and weirdness)
Goz (Blues, noise and drones)
Howie Reeve (blues, folk and experimentation)
R. DeSelby (finger picking guitar madness)
The Brain Masturbation (psych folk and improv)
Tijger Salto (post-hardcore / punk)
Piouxsie (dark hypnotizing electronics)

We also have this film which will be shown at Butcher's Tears on Thursday 16th. 

Film: Blootgeven by Jan Kees Helms

For more information and the full line-up please see our website here:
More announcements next week!

Video for More additions to the line-up