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SOTU Festival 2024

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SOTU Festival 2015 - First Names

We are happy to announce the first names of this years SOTU Festival.

Rhys Chatham, The Kurws, Shit & Shine, Cremation Lily, Clamor, Klankman, The Stochastic Afrobeat Ensemble, Cyril M (FR), Urban Grey, Waiver, Hexenschuss, Varkenshond (BE / NL), Duxo, Bruzgynai (LT), Micro Wolf, Urpf Lanze (BE), Fetter, Invunche.

Festival takes place from 15th till 19th of April. Locations this year include the brewery Butcher's Tears, Budapest, Vondelbunker and OCCII. On April 8 there will be a pre-event in the building Tetterode in workshop M4, with a debate on counter-culture.

No presale, tickets available at all locations from 5 euro. Locations Vondelbunker, Budapest and Tetterode (M4) are free to visit.

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