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SOTU Festival 2024

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SOTU Concert - Occii - 4 Dec 2014

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Ordre Etern is formed by the members of ex psychedelic noise band Qa'a, Víctor Hurtado and Yarei Molina, and Gnod members Chris Haslam and Paddy Shine. Hurtado also has projects and has collaborated with artists such as Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Nurse With Wound under his solo moniker Huan.
In this project they modify drums and guitar to ressemble metallic percussions and debris and together with timpani and soviet synthesisers create a desolate mechanical nightmare. The music is guided by visceral vocals sung in Catalan and Spanish that portray dystopian themes and reflect on the duality of human nature. The band are presenting their first album which premiered at Sónar festival in Barcelona last June.

Coàgul is the musical moniker of visual artist Marc O'Callaghan. With synth, vocals and bells he creates minimalist industrial music which at the same time seems medieval, almost rural, with chants and proclamations of lyrics from dark esoteric poems in Catalan. With an aesthetic between black metal and David Tibet, his themes are plagued with ancestral Mediterranean symbology, references to Tarot, surrealism and old secrets, and through all this he still manages to sound punk.
His live shows are ritualistic and primal combined with animations of his visual artworks. Coàgul is presenting his first vinyl LP "La Roda de la Justícia".

-1 is a Lyon duo who make noise / industrial / kraut ...
Damien Grange (Rature 80 dates, 300mA ...) and Sheik Anorak (Dead Snow, WOLF, Total Eclipse ...)
Damien Grange: vocals / electronic
Sheik Anorak: drums/ Electronic

HALVIS is an experimental noise/psychodelic/lounge outfit based in Amsterdam. With distorted feedback accompanied by keyboards, guitar pedals and bassy vocals the two-piece concocts a barely comprehensible soundscape of fragments, blasts, subtility and more or less controlled chaos. Taking their cues from diverse musical damaged goods hailing from lounge music all the way through to harsh experimental noise HALVIS creates a truly furious and highly inventive symphonic noise. Bandmembers: Frank Vis on Vocals and Keys, H.A. van Hees on Feedback.

Presenting there new release, and starting there Japan Tour.

Entree: 7 euro

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