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SOTU Festival 2024

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SOTU Night - Occii - 23 Okt 2014

SOTU Festival presents a night of concerts and dancing featuring:

Dj Nigga Fox (Rogério Brandão)
(Principé Discos)
Rogério Brandão aka DJ Nigga Fox is one of the prodigies who has been causing a stir in and beyond the burgeoning Lisbon scene. Hot on the heels off prominent festival appearances at this year's Roskilde and Sónar, Nigga Fox will be making his Amsterdam debut at this SOTU Festival event. Nigga Fox inimitable sound takes cues from the Príncipe label roster and collective, as well as fresh sounds from Angola's capital Luanda. His refined hybrid is informed by kuduro, afro-house, tarraxinha, batida, and mixed up with house and techno.

DJ Kolt
(Principé Discos)
DJ Kolt is the spearhead of Blacksea Não Maya, a young DJ crew from the south side of the Tagus river that splits Lisbon and its periphery. B.N.M. (Blacksea Não Maya) which also features DJ Noronha and DJ Perigoso, have been regulars at Príncipe's monthly residency at Musicbox club in Lisbon. Like Nigga Fox, B.N.M have been garnering much crititical acclaim; their first EP release was widely applauded and became 'Album of the month' in SPIN's 'Control Voltage'. DJ Kolt is the most established one of the group at this point, and is keen to test the crowds in the north, trailblazing through B.N.M.'s original tracks, showcasing a vibrant style of progressive Batida yet to be named.

Gum Takes Tooth
Two man everything machine endlessly seeking what-the-fuck aural mesmerism in a maze like arrangement of physically overwhelming rituals of dance music, sound system culture, doom and pan-cultural psychedelics. Each member focusing intently on unmediated rhythmic interaction between crowd and performer, directing the energy towards unexplored altered states. Dark primal frequencies are felt and not heard, unremitting circular drums shatter and rebirth whilst a cast of vocal characters provide an astral guide through these dizzying manipulations. - See more at:

John Ewband
Free music and noise musicians from Amsterdam. The JOHN EWBAND is an electro-acoustic improvisation band. The band is driven by elements of skitsofrenia, lounge & trip noise. John Ew also plays in a harsh way under the name Schelvis en de Pekels. Bandmembers: Hellash, Frank Vis, H.A. van Hees, Dr Snoodaard and Stephen Doyle.

Mataklap makes and mixes beats and bass from everywhere, blending both solid and subtle forward-thinking electronica with a heavily riddim-conscious approach.
Dancefloor wildlife, hit-and-run parties, feral electronics, untamed audio, fine-tuned lo-fi, worldwide wobble, migratory riddims, uprooted bass, nomad soundsystems, concrete jungles, organic metropoles, hightech squats, lowlife glamour.

Boris Scorpio
Boris Scorpio will take you on a wicked trip through pulsating rhythms and far out sounds, on board of his modular spacecraft.
Also, it's his birthday, so buy him a beer.

This event is presented in part by Pantropical / Rotterdam

21:00 - 02:00

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