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SOTU Festival 2024

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Day 1 Opening SOTU at Mediamatic

Tonight! Wednesday the 16th, in collaboration with  Gonzo (circus) and Stichting Mediamatic, SOTU Festival are presenting the 16th ECHOKAMER  at Mediamatic as the opening for this years SOTU Festival.

During this ECHOKAMER edition there will be two performances by Monoták and Oubys and afterwards DJ Frank Vis will play some tunes to keep you moving.

Monotak will play on percussion instruments build by Dirk Bruinsma, combined with a set of organ pipes. Most of the percussion instruments have a tonal, bell like sound which can resonate through the space. All performers and instruments will be spread over the room to create the maximum use of acoustics. The performers for this occasion are Dirk Bruinsma, Eric de Clerq, Wilbert Bulsink, Tom Myrmel, Anat Spiegel and Bart de Vrees.

Oubys will in an approximately 25 minutes long composition, synth sequences and drum patterns play into the space. Based on reflections from the sound he wil change them in such way that all the sounds will interfere with each other, leading to complex rhythmical patterns throughout the space. Oubys' driving force is Wannes Kolf. Influenced by early kraut legends Faust, Can and ambient guru Brian Eno, his music has a nice sense of subterrenean depth and a pulsating progression.

More information
Echokamer #16 is a collaboration with SOTU Festival and will take place at Mediamatic, VOC-Kade 10, Amsterdam on Wednesday, April 16.
Tickets are € 7 (membership included, 5 euro without membership)
If you bring Gonzo Circus 120 you pay only 2 euro membership.
Free for SOTU passe-partout holders.
You can get your SOTU passe-partout here:

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