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SOTU Festival 2024

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High-class eclecticism in OCCII

On the night of Saturday the 19th of April, we're happy to present you a veritable cornucopia of quality acts. After the last rumblings of the noise-programme have died down, the OCCII will be overtaken by a diverse variety of artists.

First up is Ekoplekz, one of Bristol's main musical innovators. His last album, Unfidelity, has been released on Planet Mu, and has been gathering great reviews. A heady mix of harmonic drones, gritty dub, murky techno and densely layered synths.

Next up is The Hague duo GΔRTMΔLEN. They're aching to mesmerize you with their bass-heavy rituals. Witchhouse layered with haunting vocals, they attempt to access the collective unconscious together with their audience. 


DJ Boris Becker will then take the tempo up a notch. This Amsterdam-based German DJ is an expert in mixing up stuff from all over the global ghetto, and her collection ranges from R 'n B, hip-hop and house to kuduro, baile funk, grime and everything in between.

You'll be amply warmed up by then, for the sensory explosion that is Ideal Corpus. Comprised of MC Kawaii and Fruity Free, this French duo embodies electropicalism 2.0, drawing influences from everywhere that's connected to the internet in an overtly optimistic manner. And they're both pretty good dancers too, we heard!

Ideal Corpus

Meanwhile, upstairs in the smoking gallery, the boys from the Noodlebar (Mono-Poly, Colloid and Boris Scorpio) with be playing all night in their modular-synth laboratory. From lush, spacious drones to danceable ryhtmic modulation.

To close it all off, WTF! goes all out, bringing their popular queer night into the SOTU maelstrom. We're not sure what they're planning yet, but there's talks of DJ's, performers, visuals... Expect extravaganza.

There are several ticket options available, check them out here.