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SOTU Festival 2024

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SOTU tips from our mediapartners (2)

Ruth Timmermans is the leading lady behind the Gonzo Circus magazine and we asked her about SOTU and some of her chosen highlights this year.

As you've already noticed we are stoked that Gonzo (circus) regulars Puin + Hoop (yes, they rocked at our 20 years anniversary party in Brussels) and Leuven based Red Stars Over Tokyo (his live debut at the Muziekgebouw last year was both fragile and exciting) are part of the Sounds of The Underground-Festival 2013. And also The KVB and Traumahelikopter, spotted by our staff already ages ago, should not be missed. For this year's edition we are especially looking forward to:

Paul Labrecque

Brussels based drone improv genius, featured in Gonzo (circus) #96 under his moniker Head of Wantastiquet. He played with Sunburned Hand of The Man and the fingerpicking hero Jack Rose, but also gained a following of his own. Perfect music for meditation during a hectic festival.


As our editor Stijn Buyst puts it in the new edition of Gonzo (circus): "With Albatre you're not sitting quietly at home enjoying a whiskey, but somewhere in a dark cave where you are flogged by sadist soundscapes in order to be delivered from your sins." 

Coen Oscar Polack

One of the founding members of the Haarlem/Amsterdam based label Narrominded, home of a varied bunch of contemporary local artists. Polack's earlier project 'The Skipping Monk' - based on his travels in India - was an amazing audio trip and his live performances come close this experience. For the careful listener.

And more...

Gonzo (circus) loves the philosophy behind SOTU: music not as lifestyle as part of one's entire life and of society. Make music and instruments yourself at STEIM Circuitbending Workshop, discover visual artists like Gonzo (circus)/Mind The Gap illustrator Kees Peerdeman, find new music at the Long Players Market, enjoy delicious organic food and beer and last but not least... meet new people at the venues around the Vondelpark!